“Betsy” Unveiling

Jeanne Bianchini delivered this speech at the “Betsy” Unveiling on May 17 2015.  “Betsy” is a needlepoint American flag that was stitched by 109 Porch Club members.  Jeanne led this effort and worked tirelessly to ensure that all who wanted to be involved could be and made this a truly representative project.  Read more

35+ Year Members May 2014

Eleanor Miles is one of the youngest 93 year-olds around!  

Marilyn Thrush is an 85 year old woman you can’t keep down!

Helene Styer – 58 years as a Distinguished Member & Leader of The Porch Club

Nancy Hall – Carrying on a Proud Tradition

Marge Jefferies – Third Generation Porch Club Member

Shirley Ellis…80 Years Young & Still Working in the Family Business—Calkins Media

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Stitchery February 2014

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MaryLou and Jeanne

The first person to arrive for the weekly Stitchery meeting announces to co-chair Jeanne Bianchini “I have missed you guys!”.  This is indicative of the the group that Jeanne and co-chair MaryLou Scofield have created and nurtured over the last three and half years.  Each week 15 or so ladies gather to work on stitchery projects – they teach each other, encourage each other, and have formed such bonds that stitching has become secondary to the friendships created.  Members of the group cover all skill levels from none to experienced with the experienced members teaching and encouraging the others. Read More